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Why our design process works

Our agency was founded with the principles of innovation, creativity and exceptional client care at its core, so it only makes sense that our approach to web development and design is in line with this philosophy.

Our four-tiered approach includes the extra support services to ensure every client reaps the maximum benefit from their site. We don’t offer ready-made templates or packages from which to choose, because we appreciate that the needs and budgets of each client are highly individualised, and that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it. By working through these four steps, we can ensure all aspects of the brief are understood and that nothing is missed, enabling us to create a plan of action that results in the timely delivery of outstanding results and unparalleled ongoing customer service.

This starts right from the get-go with our unique, four-pronged approach to project planning and execution:





We begin each project by indentifying the key components of it; what is required, who for, and why. Once we’ve clearly identified the objectives, it’s time to initiate the project, which starts with strategic concept development. Whether you have an initial vision or you are completely at a loss, we’ll work with what you have or put forth a number of potential ideas until we find something that works for your business.

We then move on to implementation, assembling the necessary D2G team members to get the job done. From designers to animators, SEO experts to copywriters, we’ll make sure everyone is focused towards achieving the goal of creating an outstanding, high-performance website. While for many agencies this would be the last step, for D2G, the job doesn’t end with the submission of materials. We know that designing and optimising a great website is important, but that running one successfully is equally so. We’ll train you to use the software we’ve created, breaking it down so that even a novice can add or remove content at will. We’ll assess the site analytics too, taking an in-depth look at site traffic and behaviours to ensure the continued success of your site. And when it comes to suggestions for improvements, troubleshooting or general advice, we’re only ever a phone call away.

Unlike large, impersonal agencies, we take extra steps wherever possible to provide added value to our clients – without the added cost.