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There are an estimated 2.1 billion people using apps worldwide[1], with an increase in app downloads year-over-year.

In addition to having a website that performs well on PCs, tablets and mobiles, an app for iOS or Android devices is the next step in effectively reaching your target market. A sleek design combined with user-intuitive functionality has the potential to deliver incredible results, and we have the ideas and resources to make it happen.

Our app designers can create a product that brings your brand to your clientele whenever, wherever. With specially designed features that make browsing and sharing content simple, your custom app enables your customers to actively engage with the content on your site through devices such as an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phone and an array of tablets.

Mobile UX.Design and Development.D2G offers affordable app development and design

Put your products and services at your customer’s fingertips – literally.

Responsive apps can be designed to work with touch screen navigation for ease of use, increasing the likelihood that they will be re-opened, re-used and re-downloaded every single day. Having an app with a clean, user-intuitive interface is important in order to keep your customers coming back, and those that have had a positive user experience will recommend the app to friends and family, leading to further downloads. Users can even purchase products, book holidays or donate to charities through the app with the touch of a few buttons. At D2G, we make it simple for you to increase sales and boost profit margins through the development of fully customisable, responsive apps:

  • We’ll consult with you to determine the functionality of the app, the intended use, as well as the anticipated look, feel and overall design
  • Our professional app developers possess an in-depth understanding of the various operating systems around the world, and can build apps to meet the criteria
  • We’ll source the appropriate coding to develop your app for use on smartphones, tablets or PC/desktops
  • We can list your app in relevant app stores for download, as well as provide the images and SEO copy to accompany it to ensure consumers can easily search and find your app

Marketing your app as a paid download opens up a new revenue stream, all while providing your customers with the services they want on the go. Even B2B businesses can benefit from apps that are updated frequently, keeping stockholders or clients in the loop with the latest news and information.

As part of a fully integrated online presence, a custom app improves the fluid communication between you and your customers. Whether you need an app designed for mobile or desktop usage, we’ll create something in line with your branding and on par with your website, providing users a straightforward and enjoyable experience.

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