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If you want to tell a story in a way that’s truly memorable, tell it with an infographic.

Blending images with text, an infographic displays information such as stats, figures, estimates and keywords in a fun, bespoke graphic. This is a great way to make dense or complex information fun and easy to read, holding the attention of your audience while effectively sharing the necessary information.

A well-designed infographic can be the difference between your data sitting and collecting dust, or being spread and shared via social media sites around the world. If you need help transforming your written content into the perfect blend of graphics and text, D2G designers can help.

Why tell your story with infographics?infographic-whyinfo-600px-600x641

Infographics are the fast, visually-compelling way to communicate information to your readership.

They are especially effective in communicating facts and figures in an engaging way. The combination of visual design elements, colours and text makes this medium highly effective, and when collated correctly, an infographic can convey your authority on the subject being discussed. At D2G, our graphic design team can take your statistics, key messages and calls to action, and integrate these into fun and engaging designs targeting your readership.

D2G infographics can:

  • Communicate key findings quickly, eliminating jargon and unnecessary text
  • Keep the attention of your readers with fluid, bespoke designs
  • Generate site traffic as your infographic is shared throughout the web

Studies have shown that a reader is more likely to spend time studying an infographic than reading a wordy web page. Infographics make a great addition to social media sites, and can easily be shared, thus increasing the chances that they’ll go viral.

Would you rather scroll through a 100-page PDF to ascertain the findings of a recent study, or have all the key information presented to you quickly in a way that’s fun and easy to read? Your audience is no different. With an infographic, you can share everything from survey results to year-end statistics with readers in a way that grabs and holds attention.

The perfect blend of text and graphics mixed with a healthy dose of creativity, infographics are an effective way to communicate important information via an eye-catching digital medium. To find out more about how D2G can help design an infographic for your business, contact us today.