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Social media has revolutionised not only the way we communicate on the web, but also the way we do business.

In recent years, the number of users on sites such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and twitter have steadily risen, with the interaction between consumers and brands through these mediums also on the up. Both B2B and B2C ventures can profit from social media marketing, and make sense of how best to capitalise upon it with help from D2G.

How would you like your latest product launch to go viral? Or to promote an upcoming event using a twitter hashtag instead of parting with an advertising spend? At D2G, we’re well versed in the ever-changing social media world, and know how best to utilise the many platforms available to increase the visibility of your brand. We can help you reach your target market by raising the profile of your company online, ensuring you have a profile on all major social media outlets that are relevant to your demographic. We can then manage this online presence by helping you engage with this audience, whether it’s through blogs, tweets or facebook posts.

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Why does social media marketing matter?

There is an emphasis on engagement with social media marketing, which for many makes it a preferred choice against other traditional push marketing methods or paid advertising.

Social media has altered the way we curate and share information, with the eWoM (Electronic Word of Mouth) being responsible for the success of many major campaigns in recent years. D2G can make sure the way you are promoting product launches, events, services and brands makes an impact on social media channels. Our experts can:

  • Analyse your target market, and create an branded presence in the relevant online communities
  • Create a personalised social media campaign relevant to your business and desired target market
  • Create written, illustrated and video content to share across popular social media outlets
  • Track the success of current social media efforts and analyse how these can be improved

Studies constantly point to an increase in the effectiveness of social media marketing; for example, it’s now estimated that 77% of consumers interact with brands on Facebook. If you knew you could reach almost 80% of the market just through social media…why wouldn’t you?

Calculate your ROI and see tangible results with the aid of social media marketing. Get in touch to find out more about how D2G can help implement an effective social media strategy that positions your company positively on online social platforms and communities.